• Dentures Versus Dental Implants: Which Is Right For You?

    Whilst you may have lost one or more of your natural teeth, there is no reason to worry -- there are great options for tooth replacement available today. The two most popular options for teeth replacement, dental implants and dentures, can both give you natural looking and functional new teeth. You may be wondering how similar these two options really are. Read on to learn about the differences between dental implants and dentures.
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  • Three Ways You Can Avoid A Root Canal Treatment

    One of the biggest misconceptions about root canal treatment is that it is painful. However, this is more myth than fact, as it is the infection in the tooth causing the pain, not the procedure to save the tooth. If you are someone who will do anything to avoid dental treatment outside of the yearly clean and checkup, then you might be wondering how to avoid having root canal treatment. There are three ways to achieve this.
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