The Benefits of High Impact Acrylic Dentures for Seniors

Posted on: 10 September 2018


Senior citizens who have missing teeth often find dentures a useful option for tooth replacement. Dentures are a convenient and flexible option for ensuring that the mouth has a full set of teeth anytime they're worn. Among the most popular dentures in the market are acrylic dentures. These dentures are strong, durable and convenient for many different purposes.

However, acrylic dentures are not immune from damage. When dropped or during a collision, the acrylic denture base can crack and break, causing damage to the patient and the denture itself. That is why high impact acrylic dentures are so useful.

This piece will explore why they are the best choice for aging seniors.

What Are High Impact Acrylic Dentures?

High impact dentures are durable and tough dentures that are highly resistant to breakage. In fact, some high impact acrylic dentures are rated as clinically unbreakable. They are made of nano-sized molecules that are encapsulated to add to their impact absorption. This means that any force form a direct impact is absorbed and dissipated, and the damage is limited.

High-impact dentures are not only tough, but they're also non-porous. This makes the material easier to maintain, and it lasts longer. High impact acrylic dentures are also highly flexible. They can be made to fit unique colours, designs, and shapes. Whether using a partial or complete denture, you can still enjoy the high impact characteristics they have to offer.

How They Can Help Seniors

High impact acrylic dentures can serve the dental needs of seniors in the following ways:


Because these dentures are highly durable, seniors can enjoy improved dental health for a longer time. They don't have to worry about dropping the denture or the device getting damaged by porosity.


High impact acrylic dentures improve the safety of seniors. Seniors may be at risk of injuries, such as slips and falls or other high impact collisions. With a regular denture, the collision can cause breakage and injury to seniors. However, high impact acrylic can absorb such impact (without breaking) and keep seniors safer.

Comfort and Flexibility

These high impact dentures are also comfortable to wear for seniors. They are customised through using heat cure resins, and each denture can be made with a unique colour and design technique.

Cost Savings

High impact acrylic dentures are essentially an investment. Once you purchase them, you don't have to worry about the risk of breakage or other forms of damage for a long period of time. Therefore, they make it easier for seniors to save on repair costs as they're using the dentures.