• Probable Causes of Recurring Halitosis That Should Prompt You to See a Dentist

    Bad breath is a condition that nobody wants to suffer from. Whether you had raw onions, garlic and a host of other overly fragrant food items, the moment your breath smells rancid you can easily brush your teeth to get rid of the odour. But what happens when the fetid breath does not go away even after rinsing your mouth? If this has been going for a few days or even weeks, you need to set an appointment with a dentist, as the underlying issue may not stem from the foods you are ingesting.
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  • The Most Natural-Looking Way to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

    When your dental health has declined to the point that multiple teeth need to be replaced, you will be torn between wanting the most natural look and actually being able to pay for the most natural look. Yes, dental implants are the most natural tooth replacement option, but isn't it going to be rather expensive to replace each tooth with a dental implant? Not only that, but won't it require a whole lot of invasive surgery?
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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

    Missing teeth, especially the front teeth, may change your appearance, making you shy away from smiling or even socialising; this is because your teeth play a huge role in how you look. Your teeth also help you chew and talk clearly, which you might have noticed you have difficulty doing with a few missing teeth. When you visit a dentist, he or she will carry out an examination that may involve X-rays, blood tests and a series of questions to find out more about your medical history.
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