The Most Natural-Looking Way to Replace Multiple Missing Teeth

Posted on: 10 March 2021


When your dental health has declined to the point that multiple teeth need to be replaced, you will be torn between wanting the most natural look and actually being able to pay for the most natural look. Yes, dental implants are the most natural tooth replacement option, but isn't it going to be rather expensive to replace each tooth with a dental implant? Not only that, but won't it require a whole lot of invasive surgery?

Individual Implants

While it's theoretically possible to replace multiple missing teeth with individual dental implants, you'd be hard-pressed to find a dentist willing to perform this procedure. It's unnecessarily invasive, and when there are numerous teeth that need to be replaced, your dentist may suggest that denture implants are the best solution to your problem. What are denture implants?

Implant-Supported Dentures

This procedure involves the implantation of several titanium bolts into your upper or lower dental arch. These implants will share the load, so to speak. The positioning of the implants results in an equal distribution of weight (and the pressure created by chewing) along the dental prosthesis that will be secured to the implants. This prosthesis is the actual denture, which looks natural and will be permanently attached to the implants. It is just cared for as you would natural teeth.

The Number of Implants

There's some variety in how many implants will be needed from patient to patient, but you can have an entire upper or lower dental arch replaced with as little as four implants. They're able to be spread out because the implants closest to the rear of your mouth will be positioned at an angle, allowing them to secure the denture while still taking on their fair share of the required weight distribution.

Weight Distribution

Even weight distribution is only possible when the jaw is able to securely support the implants. Bone grafting is sometimes required when the underlying jaw has lost its density, which can happen when the jaw no longer has to support teeth. This potential problem can often be sidestepped with denture implants, as the implants themselves extend further into the jaw for added stability. However, this is usually only possible with the lower dental arch.

Finished Results

Even though the overall procedure might sound intensive and time-consuming, you can actually have finished results sooner than you realise. For some patients, your dentist might be able to attach a temporary denture to your implants on the same day. There will then be a waiting period while the implants integrate with your jaw (which is part of the healing process), and then the final prosthesis will be permanently attached to the implants.

Multiple teeth can be replaced with surprisingly few denture implants, and this is going to offer the most effective solution when you have numerous missing teeth.

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