3 Key Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Posted on: 16 November 2021


Tooth discolouration is natural even if you follow a good dental care routine. As you become older, your tooth enamel becomes thinner and reveals the yellow dentin underneath. Discolouration can also occur if you ingest dark-coloured foods and beverages like wine, berries, and coffee. Cigarette smoke can also discolour your teeth. 

If your teeth are stained, consider teeth whitening treatment. Although there are several home remedies, they're not as effective as professional treatment. Professional teeth whitening offers quick and reliable results. Discover the main benefits of professional teeth whitening procedures and their impact on your overall health.

1. Boosts Your Self-confidence

Your smile helps define your personality and people's first impression of you. If your teeth are stained, you may find yourself constantly hiding your smile. Therefore, white teeth are a good thing to have whether you are on a date, at work, making a presentation, or walking in the streets.

Professional teeth whitening helps remove stubborn stains and brighten your smile. Your dentist uses specialized whitening products that eliminate the stains on your enamel. With a brighter smile, you don't need to be self-conscious all the time.

2. Improves Your Oral Hygiene

After teeth whitening, most people tend to show an improvement in their oral care. You will want to brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain their appearance. The trips to your dentist for oral care advice and checkups may also increase.

Such practices help you improve the strength of your teeth and reduce your risk of getting cavities and other teeth-related problems such as gum disease.

3Customized Treatment

Teeth whitening products from drug stores are one-size-fits-all packages. These strips also come in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, you may not quickly determine the strip that perfectly fits your teeth. If you buy a strip that doesn't fit your teeth properly, you may get uneven whitening.

However, if you visit a professional, they will examine your teeth and create customized trays that fit your teeth. Your dentist also applies these trays uniformly and keeps them from getting in contact with your gums and lips.

At times, your dentist will work on one tooth at a time since each of them may require a different level of treatment. Furthermore, your dentist can also whiten your teeth to the level of brightness you desire.

Teeth whitening is an essential aspect of your oral health care that you should never ignore. This procedure is safe and helps boost your physical appearance and mental well-being. Moreover, professional teeth whitening is fast and offers long-lasting results when done right.