Is a Crown or a Veneer Better for a Cracked Tooth? Here Are the 2 Crucial Considerations in This Choice.

Posted on: 26 March 2018


If you've cracked your tooth, your emergency dentist may recommend either a dental crown or a dental veneer as a remedy. Whilst crowns and veneers are quite alike in some ways, they also have some significant differences. The choice between crown and veneer will depend upon a few different factors, including the following two crucial considerations. 

The Amount of Damage

The amount of damage to the tooth can be a deciding factor when it comes to crowns versus veneers. If the damage is fairly minor — for example, a small crack that doesn't move all the way across the tooth or a crack that's only on the surface of the tooth — a veneer can be a good option in many cases. However, when there is severe damage to the tooth — for example, the kind of crack that essentially bisects the tooth — a crown is usually the more appropriate choice. 

Damage to the tooth's interior must also be considered when deciding between crown and veneer for a cracked tooth. In cases where the inner pulp of the tooth is decayed, a root canal procedure must first be performed to remove that damaged pulp. After that, a crown must be used to protect the entire remaining tooth. In cases like this, a veneer isn't strong enough to protect the tooth because it covers only part of the tooth. 

The Location of the Tooth

The location of the cracked tooth is another crucial consideration when deciding between a crown or veneer for a cracked tooth. In general, crowns are used on the back teeth. Because you use your back teeth the most whilst chewing, they tend to get the most "wear and tear" damage. A crown is strong enough to stand up to this wear and tear because it's slightly thicker than a veneer and because it covers the entire surface of the tooth. 

If you have a crack in one of your front teeth — those most prominent whilst smiling — a veneer may be a good option. Of course, your emergency dentist will also consider the damage here as well. Therefore, a minor crack on one of the front teeth is usually the only situation in which a dentist will recommend a veneer over a crown for a cracked tooth. Whilst veneers don't generally have quite as much longevity as crowns, they're often less costly. In certain cracked tooth cases, they're a good option. 

When your tooth is cracked, don't delay in seeing your emergency dentist straight away. Either a crown or veneer can preserve your tooth whilst concealing the crack! For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Dentists @ Muswellbrook Pty Ltd.