Scuba Diving and Dental Health: Tooth Squeeze

Posted on: 13 November 2017

If you have recently taken up scuba diving, you may not have considered how it may affect your dental health. At first, it may seem highly unlikely that diving underwater using professional equipment could cause any harm to your teeth. However, there are a number of dental issues which can occur when scuba diving. Below is a guide to one of the most common issues, tooth squeeze. What is tooth squeeze?
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Why Mouthguards Are so Important for Kids Who Wear Braces

Posted on: 16 October 2017

When children are in their element, they may feel as if they are indestructible. Certainly, they are able to absorb bumps and bruises much more readily than their parents can! However, parents also have to look out for the well-being of their kids, particularly when they are taking part in a contact sport in school. This is a rite of passage for most children, but injuries can frequently occur to the mouth and could lead to dental injuries.
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What Your Orthodontist Wants You to Know About Braces

Posted on: 22 September 2017

Are you on the verge of having braces? Congratulations, because you're taking the first step towards straighter teeth. Not only does this make smiling feel more effortless, but also it can help with word formation and chewing too.  Before an orthodontist installs your braces, there are some essential facts they may want you to know: The stuff that catches around braces harms your teeth No matter what type of braces you opt for, there's scope for food getting stuck there.
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Teaching Your Child Techniques For Removing Loose Teeth

Posted on: 30 August 2017

Your first child brings a lot of firsts out of their world into yours. The first time they laugh, the first time they crawl, and the first time they lose a tooth are all memorable experiences. When it comes to the removal of loose teeth, you may remember your parents trying to help you get the tooth out. The problem with this though was that many children grew up afraid of loose teeth because they feared the pain of it being pulled by mum or dad.
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