How to Care for Your Temporary Dental Crown

Posted on: 30 November 2022


Temporary dental crowns can help to protect damaged or prepped teeth for a short while. However, temporary dental crowns cannot compare to permanent dental crowns in function or appearance. And since temporary crowns are fragile, you need to care for them until you get your permanent dental crown.

This article will provide tips on how you can care for your temporary dental crown while you wait for a permanent dental crown.

Be careful when brushing and flossing around a temporary crown

Temporary dental crowns tend to have a larger gap between the natural tooth structure and the edge of the crown. Bacteria and food debris can make their way into the gap around a temporary dental crown. Because of this, oral hygiene is important when wearing a temporary crown.

Brush around your temporary crown gently. Brushing with too much force could dislodge the crown. And when flossing, be careful not to tug the floss upwards as you remove it from between your teeth. Tugging upwards could dislodge the crown. Instead, slide the floss out of the space between your teeth.

Avoid chewing hard or sticky foods with your temporary crown

Temporary crowns use weaker cement to hold them in place. So don't chew hard foods such as steak or anything that contains bones while you wear your temporary crown. Also, avoid chewing sticky foods like toffee, as sticky foods can pull at a temporary crown and dislodge it.

Cut down on sugary foods while you wait for your permanent crown

Sugary foods are the primary cause of cavities and tooth decay. And the gap between your temporary crown and your natural tooth can trap food as you eat. Oral bacteria digest sugary foods with ease. Once oral bacteria eat and digest sugary foods, they produce acids that can damage the tooth structure under a temporary crown.

The gap around a temporary crown can also serve as a hiding place for oral bacteria to multiply. So try to avoid sugary foods as much as possible until you get your permanent crown.

Replace your temporary crown with a permanent crown as soon as possible

Temporary crowns can only last a few weeks in most cases. If you use a temporary dental crown for too long, it could dislodge and leave your tooth at the mercy of oral bacteria. Care for your dental crown well, and be sure to replace it with a permanent dental crown within a few weeks at most.

These tips can help you to care for your dental crown until your permanent crown is ready. And if your temporary crown does dislodge from your tooth, your dentist can replace it for you.   

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