Different Aspects Contributing To The Longevity Of Your Tooth Whitening Results

Posted on: 25 August 2020


Tooth whitening is one of many commonly requested services when patients visit a dentist. And this is not surprising. Discoloured teeth can deal a severe blow to your self-confidence as you may not be comfortable smiling around company, more so new acquaintances. Additionally, stained teeth can also influence how people perceive you, both professionally and socially. Fortunately, in-office teeth whitening will revamp your smile and your overall appearance and this can have far-reaching benefits to your day-to-day life. Nonetheless, you should note teeth whitening is not permanent, Moreover, the length of its viability will be greatly affected by your habit. Thus, to help manage your expectations, read on for a few of the different aspects contributing to the longevity of your tooth whitening results.

The intrinsic hue of the teeth

One thing that some patients are unaware of is that tooth whitening results are not identical from one patient to another. And one of the leading reasons causing these varying outcomes is the inherent colour of one's teeth. Individuals that are seeking this treatment to eliminate the grey discolouration of their teeth, which usually comes about when one has been taking tetracycline for an extended duration, the results will contrast from a person that sought tooth whitening for yellowing teeth. To make the most of your in-chair session, ensure you inform your dentist of any medications you are on, if your water contains fluoride and so on.

The surface of your teeth

If you have had any work done on your teeth, the types of materials utilised will determine whether teeth whitening will work or not. This type of treatment is only feasible on your natural teeth so it will not work on tooth-coloured supplies such as porcelain, ceramic and so on. It is also important that the condition of the surface of your teeth will also have to be taken into consideration. For example, people that have accumulated calcium deposits or tartar on their enamel may need to have this buffed-out before the whitening process

The health of your teeth

Lastly, the health of your teeth will also be considered when you seeking in-office tooth whitening. Although this treatment does improve the appearance of your smile, your teeth need to be in good condition for it to be effective or will be a waste of money. For instance, if you need cavities to be filled, you cannot undergo the whitening treatment until they are attended to. On the other hand, if your teeth have not been cleaned in a while or ever, you will have to set an appointment for professional teeth cleaning before you can have them whitened.

For more information on tooth whitening, reach out to a local dentist.