Reasons To Invest In Dental Implants Rather Than Dentures

Posted on: 19 December 2019


Losing a tooth, or worse yet several of them, can be a devastating experience. In addition to the pain that you experience, you also have to contend with the dramatic change this does to your overall appearance. Therefore, it is unsurprising that a good number of people want to replace these lost teeth as soon as they possibly can. And when it comes to affordability, dentures are one of the cheapest replacement treatments in the market. But this does not mean they are the best solution for your needs. If you have been thinking that dental implants are not worth their exorbitant cost, consider the following reasons why you should invest in them rather than dentures.

Dental implants are secure

As much as dentures do camouflage the fact that you have lost teeth, whether the full or atrial variety, they are nowhere near as stable as dental implants. Not only do you need to get accustomed to the new dentures but you will still have to contend with occasional slip-ups, which could prove to be incredibly embarrassing. Dental implants are the most secure option since they are embedded right into your jawbone. The titanium screw functions as the root of your tooth and a prosthetic caps it off as a crown. Hence, the replacement tooth does not require any getting used to and looks as natural as your remaining teeth.

Dental implants do not affect your speaking or eating

Speaking of being accustomed to dentures, a lot happens in the period of getting used to these replacement teeth. For starters, you will notice that your speech is altered to some degree. A majority of people will find that they temporarily pronounce words incorrectly or could develop a lisp during that period. Eating is also a major change that people new to dentures will experience. Because the dentures are not snug in place, you could end up with food making its way to the space between the dentures and the gap. The lodged food can make your dentures feel uncomfortable and cause bad breath if you have not cleaned the dentures immediately. You do not have to worry about any of these issues with dental implants, as they will function like your normal teeth.

Dental implants do not threaten your existing teeth

What you may not know about dentures is that they are outfitted with wiring that works to hold on to your teeth in an attempt to keep the dentures in place. Although this may help with the shifting, it also rubs against your teeth each time you talk, eat and so on. In some cases, this leads to extensive damage to the enamel. Dental implants, conversely, do not threaten the integrity of your teeth in any way.