5 Steps to Securing Your Partial Dentures in Place

Posted on: 26 June 2019


For many people, partial dentures are the most practical solution to missing teeth. However, some people struggle to keep their partial dentures in place when they eat, speak and laugh. Here are a few tips that can assist you in achieving a more secure fit.

1. Introduce Foods Gradually

It is possible to eat almost all types of food when you have partial dentures, but some foods are easier to chew than others. While you are still getting used to your new teeth, make mealtimes easy by sticking to softer food choices. For example, you could enjoy mashed potatoes instead of boiled or roasted, soft-boiled vegetables instead of salad and smoothies instead of whole fruit. As you become more confident eating with your partial dentures, you can begin to introduce foods that require more chewing.

2. Treat Partial Dentures With Care

Rough handling can bend partial dentures out of shape, which can lead to them no longer fitting correctly. Try to avoid dropping your dentures or placing heavy items on top of them. Any time your dentures are not in your mouth, you should place them in a glass of water to keep them moist and safe.

3. Don't Allow Partial Dentures to Dry Out

Partial dentures have a base that is made from soft material. It is very important to keep this material moist, as when it dries out, it can crack or deform so that it no longer fits your mouth correctly. Always keep your dentures in soaking solution or clean water when you aren't using them. During the day, sip water to prevent dry mouth, which can be a side effect of some medications and medical conditions.

4. Try Using Denture Adhesive

If you cannot make your partial dentures stay in place, denture adhesive can be a practical solution. You can buy denture adhesive at your local pharmacy and apply it to the base of your partial dentures to help them stay stably seated on your gums.

5. Have Your Dentures Adjusted

If you are still struggling to achieve a secure fit for your partial dentures, you may need to visit a denture clinic or dentist to have them adjusted. Over time, the shape of your mouth can change, which means that partial dentures that once fit perfectly might not maintain that good fit indefinitely. A dentist can adjust the dentures or replace them to ensure you can continue to enjoy teeth that fit perfectly into your mouth.