Restoring Youth with Dentures: 4 Ways that Dentures Make You Young Again

Posted on: 24 April 2017


No matter how well you take care of your teeth, eventually, you may lose one or two as you get older. In America, 69 percent of people between the ages of 35-44 have lost at least one tooth to the rigors of time. Sadly, unlike alligators, which can regenerate missing teeth as much as 50 times, once you lose a permanent tooth, you either go without, or call upon the services of a dentist to replace the tooth.

When replacing teeth; however, especially several at once, your options are limited. If you lose one or two teeth, a dental bridge is a good solution. However, when you lose more than one tooth, you can either pay good money for dental implants, or invest in dentures, which,while not as sturdy as dental implants, are at least far more pleasing on the eye than missing teeth.

If you are missing several teeth and considering getting dentures or false teeth, here are 4 good reasons to do so, to ensure that you remain young at heart regardless of how many teeth you are missing or how old you are.

You Can Laugh without Restraint

Missing teeth make it harder for you to laugh without feeling self-conscious. This may cause you to change the way you laugh, and even limit how often you laugh. Not only does this take the fun out of your life, but it also makes you look older.

According to a study conducted by German researchers, people that laugh more are more attractive, and youthful in appearance.

That alone should be reason enough to replace missing teeth with dentures.

Dentures Help You Eat the Foods You Once Loved

When you lose teeth, you also gradually lose the ability to eat the foods you cherish. Having to limit your diet to softer foods because you are unable to comfortably chew will sap the youth out of life.

Dentures may not be as strong as real teeth, but with practice, you will be able to eat the foods you have always loved.

You'll Become More Confident

The limitations posed by missing teeth, such as the inability to chew, and the reluctance to smile as broadly as you would like, can negatively affect your confidence. When you lack confidence, you struggle to be as social as you would like to be. While time spent alone is important, time spent in the presence of friends and loved ones is vital to your quality of life.

Dentures will give you back the confidence to be around people again, and you will find that many people don't even realize that you are wearing dentures (unless they have them themselves).

The Shape of Your Face Will Change (For the Better)

When you lose teeth, you also begin to lose bone because the bone that once supported those teeth is no longer needed by your body, and so your body absorbs it. Over time, this causes your face to shrink, which in turn causes wrinkles and makes you look older than you really are. Wearing dentures will help to prolong your youth in this regard, keep wrinkles at bay, and give your face a lift.

Dentures are no longer solely the domain of the elderly. In fact, anyone of any age can wear dentures—even children. They may not be real, but the benefits they offer certainly are.