How to Illuminate the World With a Smile

Posted on: 19 April 2017


If you are self conscious because you have the slightest odd look about your teeth, smiling could become uncomfortable. It can also make you speak in an odd manner as you try to hide your teeth.

The best way to deal with odd-looking teeth is to find a dentist who will make your teeth look so good you will want to show them off. Teeth imperfections that a family dentist can correct include the following:

  • Colored and stained teeth - Beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine could lead to stained teeth over time. Tobacco use can also stain your teeth. A simple procedure of teeth whitening or bleaching will restore your teeth to its natural whiteness.
  • Tooth decay - When a part of your tooth shows signs of decay, you don't enjoy looking at it in the mirror. It can also have future health implications. The tooth can be filled with tooth colored resin to restore it to its former glory. If you want a more eccentric look, you can visit your dentist to have a gold crown or silver crown on your teeth. Silver and gold can also be used on the filling.
  • Missing teeth - You could have suffered trauma and lost your tooth or you had it pulled out. This gives you a toothless smile and affects your speech. You need not worry; there are various types of false teeth to choose from. They all look like original teeth.
  • Chipped, jagged or uneven teeth - There are several options for these problems, depending on the severity. The dentist will give the best remedy for each unique case. Veneers, which are porcelain jackets made after the design of your tooth, are a common antidote for teeth which are either chipped or jagged but are otherwise healthy. For uneven teeth, filing can be done to make them uniform, and then a veneer could then be used, depending on the need.
  • Crooked, crowded, protruding teeth and gaps between teeth - Dentists can recommend braces for these problems in many cases or combine braces and other dental procedures as they see best.
  • An unbalanced gum line - A gum line that is too high or too low the dentist can do gum reshaping surgery or laser gum contouring can be done to remove excess gum tissue or make the gum line uniform.

A qualified dentist will prescribe which procedure is the best for your unique situation. Most conditions have more than one applicable remedy. It is good to check with your health insurance on which procedures they can pay for.