Compelling Reasons to Choose Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Posted on: 14 April 2017


In years past, losing a tooth would mean having to choose either dentures or a dental bridge to camouflage the gap or opting to live with the missing tooth, which did not present concrete choices for individuals who would want a permanent solution. Nevertheless, technological advancements in this industry now offer a permanent option in the form of dental implants. These dental implants may cost more than conventional tooth replacement methods, but they provide you with an assortment of benefits other options would not be capable of doing. So what are some of the compelling reasons why you should opt for dental implants for your tooth replacement needs?

Dental implants appear natural

Losing a tooth can be upsetting, but getting a replacement that does not match your dental formula will still make the tooth loss just as conspicuous as if you had not remedied it. If you would like to ensure that people would never be aware of your lost tooth, you should opt for dental implants. Firstly, the dental implants are created to match the hue of your natural teeth identically. Thus, it would be difficult for the untrained eye to tell the fake tooth from the rest of your teeth. Secondly, dental implants are created to match the exact shape of your teeth, which ensures that the dental implant not only fits perfectly within the gap but that it will also function exactly like the missing tooth.

Dental implants have longevity

Another compelling reason why dental implants would be the best choice for tooth replacement is they are a permanent treatment. Some people may require periodic adjustments of their implants, especially if they have been exposed to trauma. Nonetheless, for the majority, dental implants are expected to last a lifetime, which is unlike dentures and dental bridges that may need to be replaced after several years due to continuous wear.

Dental implants provide restoration to your dental formula

One thing some people do not realise about other tooth replacement treatments is that they would cause further damage to your teeth. For instance, for dental bridges to be installed, the dentist will have to reshape an entirely normal tooth to anchor the bridge, leading to unwarranted damage to your tooth. With dental implants, the dentist will focus exclusively on the gap and will not damage or change adjacent teeth. Moreover, since the implant is embedded in the jaw, it stimulates the growth of your natural bone.